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  • Ammonia

    Ammonia products are primarily utilised by industrial customers as a raw material for the production of fibres, plastics, amines, fertilizers, melamine, etc.  
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  • Fertilizers

    Our fertilizers play a vital role in improving agricultural productivity. Herewith, we make a major contribution to a better food supply in the world.  
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  • Melamine

    MelaminebyOCI™ is a vital raw material for resins in wood-based panels, laminates, coatings and molding compounds. Melafine® is an established ingredient for halogen-free flame retardants paints.  > More information about OCI Melamine


OCI Nitrogen produces ammonia, mineral fertilizers, and melamine. Ammonia is the basis for fertilizers and melamine. Our fertilizers play an essential role in improving agricultural productivity. Melamine is used as a raw material for adhesives and resins in the manufacture of such things as furniture panels, laminate flooring, coatings and paints, and plastics.
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