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OCI Exacote 

OCI Exacote consists of a combination of advanced and highly efficient coated urea, Nutramon CAN and/or Granular 3 AS. The controlled-release urea has a degradable organic polymer coating. Unlike other fertilizer efficiency solutions on the market, this coating does not chemically interact with microorganisms in the soil, making it fully safe for soil life. The coating acts as a powerful membrane which encapsulates mineral nutrients at the same time it protects roots from scorching. The reliable coating prevents nutrients from leaching or volatilizing and releases them in a pattern that is synchronized with a crop’s nutritional requirements over time.



Highly efficient

  • Reliable polymer coating secures uninterrupted nutrition for up to 2-3 months. Furthermore, the nutrients in CAN and AS are directly available

  • Optimum use of nutrients due to practically no leaching and volatilization

  • Well-balanced and stress-free crop development due to predictable nutrient release curve

  • Application of high-efficiency N-fertilizer results in higher crop yields and lower costs


  • Minimized leaching and volatilization of valuable nutrients

  • Organic-based polymer coating that degrades naturally over time

  • Less fertilizer needed to achieve the same results compared to conventional fertilizers

  • Solid solution for the many environmental challenges facing the farming practice of today and tomorrow

After the application, the coated granule attracts water and the dissolved nutrients are then released into the soil. The average release period of 2-3 months can be predicted based on soil temperature. Combined in a blend of CAN and AS, a controlled-release of directly available nitrogen and sulphur is ensured for crops throughout the growing season. The various combinations in the Exacote range are specifically formulated for a wide range of crops and their nutrient requirements (e.g., sufficient sulphur is available for crops that require a great deal of that nutrient).


Exacote product brochure

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