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Because we want to continue

easting a variety of foods

What made these tender steaks
and fresh beans possible?
Tasty food while nature remains
healthy as well

The science behind tasty

and healthy food


Tasty food while nature remains healthy as well

Fertilizers and sustainable agriculture are connected together in a natural way. The use of fertilizer results in maximum use of the available farmland. This leaves us more nature. Moreover, the soil suffers less per harvest.


Although our natural environment inspires us in all we do, a realistic point of view is necessary. In that respect fertilizer has proven itself over the years: It is a fact that fertilizers contribute to the sustainable development of Dutch agriculture.


Why fertilizer is needed?

  • Clever use of fertilizer increases food production;
  • Optimal use of existing farmland saves nature; 
  • Addition of nitrogen keeps the soil fertile;
  • Fertilizer makes the Netherlands and Europe self-sufficient: less food import is needed.

Always enough fertilizer
The great thing about nitrogen fertilizer? This type of manure never runs out. Especially with a strong growing population in mind, this is a comforting and sustainable thought. In fact, it is the only way to guarantee healthy food for everyone in the length of days. As to optimal sustainability: Eventually it is possible to make fertilizer out of air and sunlight.


What about ordinary manure?
Why not use ordinary manure? Of course we should! This fertilizer preferably should be used nearby so that transportation can be limited. We must keep in mind that animal manure should not be used without boundaries. It contains many types of nutrients, but in ratio is low in nitrogen. Animal manure causes (much more than fertilizer) harmful nitrogen leaching in the soil and nitrogen emissions in the air.

Because we can’t double our farmland

Furthermore, livestock must also live. Animals eat grass, corn or feed that also has been grown with fertilizer. In short, without fertilizer we would need double the farmland to feed humans and animals. For more information, read more about the research of Dr. Ir. Jaap Schröder by clicking here.


Speaking about efficient sustainable agriculture

Clever use of fertilizer (often in addition to the use of organic manure) results in the best yield per hectare. It also leads to less deforestation and keeps the soil fertile enough to grow large amounts of food on in the long term.






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