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Because we want to continue
eating a variety of foods
What made these tender
steaks and fresh beans possible?
Tasty food while nature
remains healthy as well

The science behind tasty
and healthy food

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Research future food production
Wageningen University researches the future of food production. "In 2040, we have 9 billion people to feed with a changing nutritional needs (more meat in rising economies). At the same time, certain sources, like water and phosphate, are scarce and we need to manage them in a sustainable way. Read more

Research dr. ir. Jaap Schröder

The recent research of dr. ir. Jaap Schröder of the Wageningen University & Research Centre focuses on the smart use of fertilizers: 'Use it where en when it is necessary', is his advice. The scientist substantiates how fertilizers add to a strong soil and to the production of tasty and healthy food.  


Roots for Growth

Roots for Growth is a worldwide initiative of the International Fertilizer Association to enhance the awareness and spread the knowledge on the important role that fertilizers play in the worldwide agriculture. This website has approachable videos and graphs.


Fertilizers Europe

Fertilizers Europe represents the major fertilizer manufacturers in Europe. The issues that the industry devotes its attention to may be matters that have prompted concern within the industry itself (related, for example, to its competitiveness, its profitability or even its existence); they may, on the other hand, have arisen in other sectors of society in connection with the production or use of fertilizers. 


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