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Because we want to continue
eating a variety of foods
What made these tender
steaks and fresh beans possible?
Tasty food while nature
remains healthy as well

The science behind tasty
and healthy food


Fertilizers and food
Because we want to continue eating a variety of foods

Over the past fifty years the Dutch population has grown by 50%, while agricultural land has definitely not increased. How it is possible that supermarkets are still filled with nutritious products? Thanks to the clever use of fertilizers. 


Tasty, nutritious and affordable food comes with an interesting story. Fertilizers make it possible to produce more grain, more vegetables, more meat and more fruit on less farmland. As a matter of fact, the use of fertilizer is the main reason why there is still enough food to eat, now and in the future.

Farming without fertilizers
Agriculture and fertilizers go hand in hand. Without the use of fertilizers, agriculture surely would be less profitable. But there is more to the story. Without fertilizers the farmland ultimately will not be fertile enough to grow food on for a long period of time. In general we can state that fertilizers complement the use of organic manure in agriculture.

Smart use of fertilizers
Using the right amount of fertilizer at the right time is how soil is kept fertile. The gradual availability of minerals increases soil fertility. Fertilizers make it possible to realize a 70% increase of agriculture profits. An increase that is needed, because we are dealing with population growth.

Let’s continue to enjoy good food
The Netherlands has a population of nearly seventeen million people. Expectation is that by 2040 the population will grow to approximately eighteen million. Fertilizers keep the soil healthy in a responsible way. Allowing all of us to keep enjoying delicious steaks, fresh beans and fresh salads.




Our contribution to sustainable agricultural production

At OCI Nitrogen we produce fertilizers with the utmost care. Our fertilizers contribute to sustainable agricultural production globally.


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