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​What made these tender
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​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Healthy and delicious
What made these tender steaks and fresh beans possible? 

Healthy food is a hot item. And of course we want our food to remain affordable. This is exactly why fertilizer is an important base for many delicious products. Now really, what made all these tasty steaks and fresh salads possible?


Good food comes from fertile farmland. We need fertile agricultural land to produce healthy food. In that respect, fertilizer plays an important role in keeping the soil fertile.


What makes farmland fertile?
In short, fertilizer makes the gradual addition of nitrogen in the soil possible. And nitrogen is exactly what is needed for vegetation. Moreover, farmland in the Netherlands is not available endlessly. Thanks to fertilizer less agricultural land is needed to grow more food on.


Farmers can’t do without fertilizer
Farmers in the Netherlands and elsewhere are quite happy with fertilizers. They complement the use of organic manure. Efficient farming methods and fertilizers are the main reasons why famers succeed in their production of delicious food. Fertilizer has a big advantage: It is 100% available for plant; the soil gets the right amount of minerals at exactly the right moment. Now you know where those tender steaks, fresh beans and fresh salad come from.

Enough nitrogen is all that matters

Good to know: for a plant there is no difference between nitrogen from organic manure or from fertilizer. All that matters is that the soil gets enough nitrogen for healthy food to grow on. 


Fertilizer and organic manure complement one another

Fertilizer and organic manure are complementary. For example, the feed for animals was grown with the use of fertilizer. In general: the more organic manure is used, the more fertilizer is used as well.





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