OCI Nitrogen is one of the European market leaders in mineral fertilizers and the world’s largest producer of melamine. The ammonia that we produce forms the basis for both fertilizer and melamine production.

The demand for food is increasing worldwide. Our fertilizers play an essential role in improving agricultural productivity. In that way, we help meet the growing demand for food around the world. In addition to fertilizers, we also produce melamine. Melamine is used as a raw material for adhesives and resins in a very wide range of applications, such as furniture panels, laminate flooring, coatings and paints, and synthetic products.

Regional and international
OCI Nitrogen’s history goes back more than eighty years. Established in 1927, it was initially known as Stikstofbindingsbedrijf. After changing owners a number of times, it continued in 2010 under its current name, OCI Nitrogen. Our head office and primary production facilities are located at the Chemelot industrial site in Geleen (Netherlands). We also have two port facilities: OCI Terminal Europoort (Port of Rotterdam), and OCI Terminal Stein, which connects OCI Nitrogen to the North Sea and Europe’s inland waterways.

We have approximately 500 employees in southern part of the Province of Limburg and 75​0 employees worldwide, making OCI Nitrogen an exciting and international organization.

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