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Because we want to continue
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The science behind tasty
and healthy food


The science behind tasty and healthy food

Interested in the facts and figures of tasty and healthy food? Recently many scientific studies have been done. Various studies show that fertilizer is needed to increase food production for a growing population in a responsible way.


Recent research by Dr. Jaap Schröder of Wageningen University and Research centre focuses on smart use of fertilizers. His advice: "Use fertilizer whenever and wherever needed.” The scientist underpins how fertilizer contributes to fertile farmland and therefore to the production of tasty and healthy food.


The highlights from the study:

  • Use fertilizers wisely where and when needed;
  • Fertilizer is part of a sustainable food chain;
  • There is a (nitrogen) leak in nutrient cycling; fertilizer makes gradual addition of nitrogen in the soil possible;
  • The use of fertilizer saves agricultural land;
  • Fertilizer is essential in meeting food production challenges due to a fast growing population;
  • Fertilizer and manure can and should be used in addition to one another.

Want to know the complete story behind fertilizer?
Read the research of Dr. Jaap Schröder.

Research into the effects of fertilizer

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