Safety & Health
Safety has the highest priority within our production processes. OCI Nitrogen feels obliged to offer safe surroundings to our staff, suppliers, contractors, visitors and local residents. That is why we have very high safety standards and why we impose strict rules that have to be complied with by everyone.

There are stringent procedures for all activities within the plants, so that all safety risks are eliminated. Our staff are continually trained, instructed and assessed. External and internal audits are held from time to time to test all systems.

With a view to safety, our staff are subject to rigidly applied rules. Furthermore, OCI Nitrogen encourages staff to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer support by always being alert when it comes to working conditions. We also offer our staff sports programmes so that they can work on improving their condition.

Some of our staff work in shifts, which may cause difficulties as employees grow older. We monitor such situations and consult with staff to find a workable solution. We work with staff to see how improvements can be made and how employees can continue to be active for a longer period.


In case of safety & security incidents, please contact the Alert & Care Center Chemelot via +31 46 4765555 (24/7 available).

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