Ammonia plants: 10 years without an accident


​​Since January 2015, the OCI Nitrogen ammonia plants have been free of serious accidents for 10 years. An excellent performance that everyone has worked hard to achieve.


The past ten years have seen interesting developments and challenges. There were five major turnarounds with replacement and debottlenecking projects, standard maintenance and dozens of intermediate stops. That means that very many hours have been spent on maintenance and repairs by the plant organisation and the external supporting services, during which the risk of a serious accident was always present.


Safety studies

This result cannot be taken for granted: safety studies constitute the basis for a safe process. Rules, procedures and working processes provide a framework and structure and have been implemented and optimised over the years. However, the employees are the ones who always put safety first and who observe the rules and procedures. We are therefore proud of the tenacity, involvement and professionalism of our staff who are responsible for this result.​

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