Chemicals industry scholarship for chemistry student


‚ÄčRecently, 67 young talented chemistry students received a chemicals industry scholarship. OCI Nitrogen is sponsoring one of those scholarships. The scholarship is being awarded to Nadia Huisjes, a chemistry student specialising in biochemistry at Groningen University. 

During the traineeship project, Nadia will be researching possibilities to ferment livestock manure on an industrial scale. The research will be focusing on the possibilities to extract hydrogen, methane and ammonia from livestock manure using biocatalysts. "I am particularly interested in this research topic because it highlights sustainability in the food production chain. Moreover, it is in line with my specialisation biochemistry, where I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience with regard to biocatalysis," says Nadia.

Since the chemicals industry scholarships were introduced in 2011, there had been a clear increase in the intake of chemistry students. The scholarships also ensure more intensive contact between businesses and training centres, and very talented and ambitious chemists are being engaged.

Aim of the chemicals industry scholarship
The scholarship allows students to follow one of the four talents programmes of the chemicals industry. These programmes are structured jointly by the sponsoring businesses, colleges of higher education and universities. The talents programmes help to increase interest in studying chemistry and the progression to working in the chemicals industry, as well as expanding the labour market supply of well-trained chemists and process engineers. As part of their talents programme, students come into contact with several businesses.



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