Cool Farm Tool for improved cultivation methods


‚ÄčThe Cool Farm Alliance is launching the Cool Farm Tool to help farmers cultivate more sustainably. The tool indicates how greenhouse gas emissions can be limited and how water use can be managed. It also shows which cultivation method is beneficial to biodiversity. The Cool Farm Tool is an online tool that calculates, for instance, the carbon footprint when growing crops. The tool is intended for farmers and for the food-processing industry as a means of helping to achieve the climate objectives and to bring about improvements in the food chain.

Data such as crop, yield, fertilizer use, ploughing and harvesting method are entered into the online tool, which then calculates the carbon footprint of the crop being grown. In this way, scenarios can be calculated to determine favourable choices to restrict the environmental impact within the food chain.

This tool has been developed by the Cool Farm Alliance with support from the agri-food sector and researchers. OCI Nitrogen is supporting this initiative.

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