Emergency response and ammonia training at OCI Terminal Europoort


OCI Terminal Europoort is the transhipment terminal of OCI Nitrogen. Ammonia from outside Europe is stored before being transported further by rail or water. This takes place under strict safety requirements and stringent procedures. To prepare for any accidents, staff are regularly trained to deal with unexpected events.  

This week and next week, training sessions are being held for all staff at OCI Terminal Europoort in Rotterdam. These will be held at Falck on the Maasvlakte. Falck specialises in preventing accidents within companies and on industrial sites. An emergency response (BHV) refresher course will be followed by ammonia training. Ammonia is a poisonous substance that can lead to serious problems when inhaled. The training focuses on taking the correct action if a leak occurs, such as saving yourself, calling for help and saving others, if necessary. Exercising to prepare for a serious accident ensures that all staff are alert and ready to deal with the situation.​

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