First delivery of Exacote fertilizer to Cropsolutions


‚ÄčLast week, the first delivery of Exacote high-quality fertilizer was made to Cropsolutions in Wemeldinge. The controlled release of nitrogen by this new type of fertilizer ensures optimal absorption by crops, allowing OCI Nitrogen to respond to the wish of Dutch farmers to achieve a more effective nitrogen usage. Cropsolutions is embracing this development, which offers its members a sustainable solution within current fertilization standards.


Dose for four months

Exacote combines three advanced nitrogen fertilizers in a formulation that is especially attuned to crop nutrient requirements, weather conditions and soil type. One dose is sufficient to meet the nitrogen needs for four months. As a result, crops such as potatoes, which cannot always be fertilized effectively during their growth period, can be fertilized efficiently and sustainably in one go. This prevents unnecessary over-fertilization and leaching and is better for the environment and the crop. 


Controlled release

Exacote is a combination of coated urea with conventional nitrogen fertilizer. In contrast to chemical active coatings, Exacote uses an organic coating that ensures a controlled release under all circumstances. Once the granule touches the soil, it absorbs water and releases a valuable load of nitrogen, depending on the surrounding temperature. The nitrogen released by the Nutramon CAN is available directly, in the crop's first growing period. The nitrogen from Granular3 is released more slowly. Moreover, this ammonium sulphate also releases sufficient water-soluble sulphur to meet crop requirements. Finally, the Ekote coated urea releases nitrogen in a controlled pattern over an average release period of three to four months. 


More sustainable

The controlled release of nitrogen largely prevents volatilisation of ammonia, denitrification and nitrate leaching. At PPO (Applied Plant Research) and DLO (Agricultural Research Service), field trials are currently underway to substantiate the results scientifically.

The Exacote fertilizers have been developed for arable crops that require nitrogen, such as vegetables and potatoes, but also wheat, corn and grass. If such crops are grown on lighter soils, there is a major risk of leaching, leaving too little nitrogen available for optimal crop yields.

Exacote was developed in cooperation with Ekompany Agro BV in Born (the Netherlands). By introducing Exacote, OCI Nitrogen aims to help farmers fine-tune fertilization so as to ensure more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly food production.




  1. Result with traditional fertilizers 
  2. Better result with Exacote compared with traditional fertilizers
  3. The same result with less Exacote compared with traditional fertilizers


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