Global Fertilizer Day on 13 October


October 13th has been declared as Global Fertilizer Day. We celebrate fertilizer as one of the most important inventions of our time, which has saved billions from famine and will continue to feed the world for decades to come.


Half of all the food grown around the world today, for both people and animals, is made possible through the use of fertilizer. Global Fertilizer Day marks the anniversary of Fritz Haber’s discovery of ammonia synthesis in 1908, which sowed the seeds for the Green Revolution of the early 20th century. During this time, widespread adoption of agricultural technologies lifted millions out of poverty and famine, allowing our world to grow and develop as we know it today.

How fertilizer changed the world?
Fertilizers are essential in helping to safely sustain both our food and our future. In the 1960s, one hectare of land fed two people. By 2025, that same hectare will need to feed five people, as a result of an increased population and the loss of arable land to globalization and industrialization. Thanks to advances in fertilizer technology, today’s crops receive more effective and efficient nourishment, and can flourish even in areas of poor soil. Indeed, since the widespread use of fertilizer, many poverty-stricken areas have seen a steep decline in famine and improved economic standards.

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