Government auditors: OCI Terminal Europoort is a safe place for employees and local community


OCI Terminal Europoort (OTE) is working hard to improve safety. During a recent government audit, officials inspected the terminal for compliance with the Netherlands' Major Accidents (Risks) Decree (BRZO). For the third year in a row, they did not find any violations. An outstanding performance in which OCI has invested millions, starting in 2013.


The BRZO audit is one of the most important safety audits of the year. "The DCMR Environmental Protection Agency for the Rijnmond Region, Inspectorate SZW, the Rijnmond Safety Region fire services and other safety experts were here at the terminal for several days," explains HSEQ Manager Marjan Merkelbach. "They looked at whether we satisfy the operational safety requirements. During the audit, the focus was on our management system – do we have good procedures in place and are we actually sticking to them? The auditors were satisfied that we are doing everything right."


Critical examination

HSEQ has spent the past few years working hard to improve safety at the terminal. "We acquired this terminal in 2011 from MICRO Chemie," says Terminal Manager André Meulmeester. "At first, everything seemed perfectly in order in terms of safety. After the fire in Moerdijk and other incidents, however, OCI Nitrogen subjected safety standards and procedures at the terminal to critical examination. The BRZO audit in 2012 revealed a considerable number of violations."


Quick results

OCI Nitrogen leapt into action: it appointed a new Terminal Manager, increased staffing, launched various new safety projects, and invested millions in the terminal. "Fortunately, all this activity led to quick results," says André Meulmeester. "In 2013, the BRZO audit uncovered only a single violation. Now we've just had our third violation-free audit in a row. This is proof that we're on the right road when it comes to safety. And we're determined to keep improving our safety performance in the years ahead."



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