New storage tanks at OCI Terminal Europoort

On September 24th, OCI Nitrogen COO, Gert-Jan de Geus, drove the first pile for the construction of two new storage tanks and a new truck loading facility for aqueous ammonia. With the new tanks, production capacity will be trebled, from 25,000 to 80,000 metric tons per year. The logistical possibilities will also be extended, with road transport joining the existing transport by river and canal. Aqueous ammonia is used mainly used for fermentation processes in the food industry, as a base material for pharmaceuticals, and for purifying emissions from power plants.
Double-walled stainless-steel tanks
The OCI Terminal Europoort is located at OCI Nitrogen’s storage and transshipment facility at the port of Rotterdam. Besides the transshipment of ammonia, the terminal produces aqueous ammonia itself. A permit was recently issued for the installation of two 750 m3 double-walled stainless-steel tanks. These were specially designed to hold aqueous ammonia by the firm of Holvrieka in the northern Dutch town of Sneek. They will be transported by water to Rotterdam, arriving there in November.
Loading facility with TODO couplings
As well as developing the new storage tanks, OCI is investing in a new truck loading facility equipped with a TODO coupling system. The TODO coupling resembles a “Formula 1” fuel coupling that provides the highest possible safety and efficiency. The system creates a sealed circuit so that no aqueous ammonia can leak into the external environment.
The loading platform and the loading arm for the loading facility come from the parent company in Geleen, where the platform is now surplus to requirements. It will therefore be transported to Rotterdam for use there. The total expansion of the storage capacity and the loading systems involves an investment of EUR 2 million. Completion of the project is scheduled for November this year.

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