Regional Minister Twan Beurskens opens OCI Terminal Stein


On Tuesday 8 September, Twan Beurskens, the Province of Limburg's Regional Minister for Economics and Knowledge Infrastructure, opened the new OCI Nitrogen terminal in the port of Stein. The port is now linked to the Chemelot industrial park by underground pipelines for liquid fertilizer and ammonia. The first-ever operation of the loading arm for liquid fertilizer marked the official opening of the terminal. OCI Terminal Stein represents a major investment that confirms OCI Nitrogen's commitment to South Limburg. 


Sustainable and efficient

The port of Stein and OCI Terminal Stein stand for reliable transportation. The new terminal is linked to the Chemelot industrial park by three and a half kilometers of underground pipeline. Approximately 100 inland vessels a year will carry 100,000 tons of liquid fertilizer to destinations in northwest Europe. Until now, the fertilizer was transported by truck to the port of Cuijk. By investing in the new terminal and in inland shipping, OCI Nitrogen has chosen to concentrate on more sustainable and efficient means of transportation. The Dutch government applauds this type of transportation because it is reliable and safe. 


OCI Nitrogen manufactures ammonia, the base material for fertilizers and other products, at the Chemelot site. The new terminal also makes it possible to compensate for shortages or surpluses of ammonia by means of a second pipeline. Although the second pipeline will be used only on occasion, OCI Nitrogen has chosen to make the necessary sizeable investment so that its own plants and those of its customers have certainty. A third underground pipeline has also been installed for possible future use. This investment confirms the importance that OCI Nitrogen attaches to its manufacturing facilities in the Province of Limburg. 


Safety systems

The underground pipelines and loading facility are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety systems. For example, the pipelines have various systems designed to detect leaks at the earliest possible stage. The port itself has an anti-collision system with a barrier that can be raised and lowered. At 66 meters' length, the barrier is unique in the Netherlands. Passing ships will always stay at a safe distance from inland vessels that are in the process of loading. 







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