Argon is a by-product of our ammonia plants in Geleen. Argon makes up a small percentage (approximately 1%) of the air around us.
At atmospheric pressure, it becomes liquid at -186 oC.
Argon has many applications because of its specific properties as an inert gas. One unique property compared to other inert gasses is its high specific weight, which gives it an excellent shielding function.
Argon is therefore important in welding.
The fact that the process of producing ammonia utilises large quantities of air to supply oxygen and nitrogen means that the argon present in the air can be collected and then purified to give it the right specification. Our total production capacity in Geleen is 11,000 tons annually.
OCI Nitrogen supplies argon as a refrigerated liquid from the storage tank in Geleen.
For more information about the specific product properties, please consult the product data sheet and the material safety data sheet.
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