Feedstock and Products

The main feedstock for the manufacturing of ammonia is natural gas. This is purchased on the Dutch gas market from well-established suppliers.
Most of the ammonia produced in Geleen is either consumed by customers on site, for example DSM, or is used internally for the manufacturing of melamine and fertilizer. A relatively small volume is sold to external customers in the Benelux, Germany and France, augmented by trade through the Europoort terminal.
When ammonia is added to water it forms an aqueous ammonia solution. This is sold to a variety of customers mostly in the Netherlands and Germany.
The manufacturing of ammonia causes a concentration of argon. This is sold in trucks and tanktainers all over Europe, mostly in the south.
The CO2 that is formed in the process is either utilized at the site by DSM and OCI for the production of melamine or delivered to the neighbouring firm of Carbolim, which purifies it to food grade quality and sells it via its own independent marketing channels.
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