Nitric Acid

Nitric acid (HNO3) is produced from ammonia by means of oxidation over a platinum catalyst and absorption in water of the nitrogen oxide that is formed. OCI Nitrogen produces nitric acid (concentration 60%) at three separate plants in Geleen (NL).
The main application of nitric acid is in the production of nitrogen fertilizers (both solid and liquid). Considerable quantities are also used in the chemical synthesis of intermediate products in the production of such things as fibres, dyes, drugs, and explosives. Nitric acid is also used as a cleanser in the dairy products industry, to treat metals, and as a source of nitrogen for microbacterial water treatment plants.
​OCI Nitrogen is a reliable and competitive supplier of nitric acid. The product is transported in tankers. Our 60% nitric acid is distributed from Geleen (NL) to companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and also shipped to Ireland.
For more information about the specific product properties, please consult the product data sheet and the material safety data sheet.
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