OCI Terminal Europoort

OCI Terminal Europoort has the possibility to supply ammonia and aqueous ammonia from its terminal by:
  • vessels
  • barges
  • rail
  • truck
  • pipelines
OCI Terminal Europoort has direct access to the North Sea and can handle ships up to about 35.000 ton.
Apart from Ammonia or Aqua-Ammonia OCI Terminal Europoort is and can deliver the surrounding Industries with:
  • Steam
  • DM Water
  • Fire Water
  • Utilities & Instrument Air
  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Fresh Water (for Cooling)
OCI Terminal Europoort is the owner of two ammonia storage tanks which fulfill the highest standards for safety and environmental protection. Each tank has a capacity of 15 kton refrigerated ammonia.
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