Safe ammonia transport

​OCI Nitrogen finds it important to make the transport of ammonia as safe as possible. Ammonia is classed as a “hazardous substance” and transport is subject to stringent safety requirements. Ammonia is often transported by rail, and the fact that routes in the Netherlands pass through city centres involves risks. OCI Nitrogen is therefore subject to an obligation to minimize rail transport of ammonia as far as possible. Because we produce our ammonia in Geleen, we relocated the whole of our nitric acid factory in IJmuiden to Geleen in 2010. The next step is to produce more fertilizer. Ammonia that is not utilised in Geleen is only transported by the public rail network when absolutely necessary. As far as possible, it is transported via the routes (still to be finally established) in the “basic rail network for the transport of hazardous substances”, for example the Betuwe line.

​Modern train tankers

We have also fully modernised our train tankers, installing the most up-to-date safety equipment. Our fleet is now the safest in Europe. But safety is also “people work”, which is why we encourage all our customers to follow the safest possible procedures and to ensure that the tankers are kept in optimum condition.

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