Carbon Dioxide

One of the most important by-products of ammonia production is CO2. This is released in two ways, via chemical reactions and as an exhaust gas. The CO2 released in the course of the Haber-Bosch process is already highly concentrated (99.6%) and can be used immediately in a number of industrial processes, for example in the production of melamine, caprolactam, and acrylonitrile. This CO2 therefore disappears as such for the medium term, i.e. a few years to sometimes decades. It can also be purified further for use in foodstuffs. This process is carried out by Carbolim, an independent company whose plant is located adjacent to our ammonia plants in Geleen. After purification, this CO2 is used in soft drinks and beer, but also as dry ice by the fishmonger and to refrigerate food and drink on aircraft.
Exhaust CO2 is released by the combustion of gas to generate the necessary heat for the process. It is difficult to capture and leaves the factory via a chimney.
OCI Nitrogen was one of the first companies that wished to store exhaust CO2 in the ground underneath the Chemelot site, by means of a “CCS” project (Carbon Capture and Storage). Unfortunately, the Dutch Government decided that a great deal more research is necessary on the potential risks of such underground storage and withdrew its support for the project.
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