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​The right method for optimal results


               ... because I grow my crops efficiently and sustainably.


Jan Schoorlemmer

Crop Farmer from Swifterbant

One of the golden rules when using mineral fertilizer is to use the right amount of nitrogen at the right time. Yields depend largely on the type of crop, the condition of the soil and the climate. For optimal results, farmers have to adjust their fertilizer use to local circumstances.

Crop growth is heavily influenced by the type of fertilizer and how it is applied. Other important factors are the spreading schedule and the spreader settings. OCI Agro offers farmers support and advice, for example through its knowledge base and its advanced fertilizer planning system on the NutriNorm website and various apps. Using these tools, farmers can achieve optimal results with our fertilizers.

Farmers can count on OCI Agro’s support and advice because we believe we can help them attain the best results. After all, by optimizing their farming practices, they can produce higher yields while reducing the amount of fertilizer required. In addition, OCI Agro’s mineral fertilizers are environmentally friendly because we consume less energy during the manufacturing process and have reduced CO2 emissions to a minimum.

To optimize the efficiency of OCI Agro’s high-quality fertilizers, it’s important to fine-tune the spreader. A spreader adjusted to the correct setting ensures the most efficient operations.

Everyone needs to fertilize. But some farmers do this differently than others. For them, profits and sustainability go hand in hand. They use high-quality fertilizers manufactured with a minimum CO2 emissions and energy consumption. They also use all the relevant knowledge available. These farmers farm better.

Informed spreading

OCI Agro makes its knowledge of fertilization available with the 'OCI Nutri-N' and 'Agro Weather' apps, which provide information about optimal nitrogen release and the best time to spread fertilizers.


OCI Agro develops applications (apps) that run on smartphones and tablet devices specifically for farmers. Our apps are available for the development platforms iOS and Android
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