Yield maximization

A better quality granule for higher crop yields


Environmentally friendly
With fertilizers, high yields and sustainability go hand in hand


The right fertilization method for optimal results

 Worldwide food security
The growing world population requires a 50% increase in the amount of food



​With fertilizers, high yields and sustainability go hand in hand



... because I make sure my plants get the right amount of nitrogen at just the right time.


Hans Akkermans
Crop Farmer from St. Annaland

We are witnessing rapid growth in the world's population. By 2030, there will be an estimated 8.3 billion people on the planet. To feed them all, food production will need to increase by 50%. But the methods used to achieve that increase must be sustainable and responsible. Mineral fertilizers offer a responsible solution to this problem. They supplement organic fertilizers efficiently, improve the productivity of farmland, and drastically reduce the impact on the environment.

Our calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) Nutramon is a good example. It has the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe. During its production, CO2 and nitrous oxide emissions are minimal. In recognition of this, OCI Agro received the 2008 Responsible Care Award.


Source: Fertilizers Europe 2014


Reducing CO2 emissions

Thanks to our innovative manufacturing methods, we have reduced CO2 emissions by approximately two million tons annually. That’s equivalent to the total emissions of one million automobiles.

In 2013, OCI Agro introduced an innovative cooling system that reduces fine particle emissions during fertilizer production to zero. That same year, it received a second Responsible Care Award for its innovation.

Our manufacturing processes meet strict environmental and quality standards. We are a member of Fertilizers Europe and one of the leaders of the Product Stewardship Program. This means that we manufacture, process, store and distribute our fertilizers (as well as the relevant raw materials, additives and semi-manufactures) in accordance with all existing standards.

We are working hard to make food production sustainable, in cooperation with t
he Skylark Foundation (Netherlands)The Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (France). Our aim: to consume a minimum of energy and generate a minimum of environmental pollution while manufacturing top-quality fertilizers that allow farmers to optimize crop growth by sustainable means. After all, with fertilizers high yields and sustainability go hand in hand.

Everyone needs to fertilize. But some farmers fertilize differently than others. That’s because they make a conscious decision to use fertilizers that put less pressure on the environment. These farmers fertilize better.


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