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Worldwide food security
The growing world population requires a 50% increase in the amount of food



Committed to worldwide food security

The world's population is growing by 200,000 people a day. That's 200,000 additional mouths to feed, every single day. At the same time, the amount of available farmland per person is rapidly decreasing and pressure on the environment and the climate is growing. It's a dilemma that OCI Agro is acutely aware of, and one that farmers struggle with daily.


The question is: how can we increase world food production while reducing pressure on the environment at the same time? Because fertilizers offer an efficient supplement to manure, they play an essential role in solving this problem responsibly. They improve the productivity of farmland and drastically reduce the impact on the environment.



Our quality fertilizers make an important contribution in this respect. At the moment, mineral fertilizers are responsible for feeding 48% of the world's population. Their use leads to higher crop yields. CO2 and nitrous oxide emissions are kept to a minimum during their production, sparing the environment.

In other words: OCI Agro's mineral fertilizers improve crop yields and protect the environment - properties in harmony with our caring customers.


Everyone needs to fertilize. But some farmers think further than others. They want to increase world food production while reducing environmental impact. That's why they use responsible and efficient fertilizers. These farmers think better.


Explosion in population growth

By 2030, there will be an estimated 8.3 billion people on our planet. To feed them all, worldwide food production will need to increase by 50%. One vital factor in this context is the use of sustainably produced and efficient mineral fertilizers.

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