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Nutramon-CAN 27N (+4MgO)

Nutramon is OCI Agro’s calcium ammonium nitrate and is unique because of its colour. The granules are mixed with orange-coloured granules, so that they can be identified immediately. But Nutramon also stands out because of the quality of its granules, which are hard, tough, homogenous and properly round and smooth. This results in an even spread over very great widths, depending on the spreader (click here for more information on spreading). What’s more, this versatile nitrogen fertilizer has the lowest CO2 footprint in Europe.

  Advantages of OCI Agro’s Nutramon-CAN

  • Right balance of ammonium and nitrate (50/50) to ensure high nitrogen efficiency
  • Rapid absorption of nitrate by the plant
  • Minimal ammonia loss
  • Hard, round and uniform granules
  • Easily identified by the orange granules
  • Even spread over great widths (50-plus meters)
  • Predictable effect to ensure good results
  • CAN with the lowest CO2 footprint in Europe

Nutramon is suitable for any plant. The magnesium in the fertilizer supplies the plant’s magnesium requirements. The added calcium partly compensates for the acidifying effect of the nitrogen, which reduces overall liming costs. Because plants absorb nitrate nitrogen directly, the ammonia loss is minimal. As a result, Nutramon boasts the highest nitrogen efficiency when compared with other types of nitrogen fertilizers.



  ... because I make sure my plants get the right amount of nitrogen at just the right time.
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Crop Farmer from St. Annaland



... because I grow my crops efficiently and sustainably.

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         Crop Farmer from Swifterbant





.... because I make sure my soil is in top condition so we can bring in top yields.

Watch the film for the whole story as told to us by Wiebe Goodijk

         Crop and Livestock Farmer from Sexbierum



OCI Agro supports the agricultural entrepreneurs of the future.
We develop products for them that improve crop yields, crop quality and sustainability.
We produce the greenest CAN with the lowest carbon footprint.
That’s how we’re helping to achieve high-productivity, efficient, sustainable farming.



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