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OCI Agro fertilizers are high-quality, high-performance products

In addition to nitrogen, our products also contain magnesium, sulphur and/or calcium, depending on the type. There are no inhibitors used in the OCI manufactured or traded products. They have a homogeneous grain structure and do not contain dust or clumps. This means that they have good storage properties and are free-flowing in the spreader and silo. Our fertilizers have a rapid and predictable effect, thereby guaranteeing good results.​​


Nutramon-CAN 27N (+4MgO)

Nutramon is OCI Agro’s calcium ammonium nitrate and is unique because of its colour. The granules are mixed with orange-coloured granules, so that they can be identified immediately. But Nutramon also stands out because of the quality of its granules, which are hard, tough, homogenous and properly round and smooth. This results in an even spread over very great widths, depending on the spreader.


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​​The Exacote range by OCI Agro offers advanced mineral fertilization in the most reliable and effective way. The basis for the blend is the innovative controlled release coated Urea, combined with the high quality fertilizers Nutramon C.A.N. and Granular3 Ammonium Sulphate.


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Urea 46N 

The urea produced by OCI Agro is a granulated, highly concentrated, nitrogen-based fertilizer. The granulated urea can be easily spread across widths in excess of 30 metres.


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UAN is a liquid fertilizer consisting of a blend of ammonium nitrate and urea.

The UAN manufactured by OCI Agro contains three different forms of nitrogen: ureic nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen


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 AS 21N+24S

OCI Agro’s ammonium sulphate contains ammoniacal nitrogen and water-soluble sulphur. The nitrogen is entirely in the form of ammonium, which reduces the risk of leaching during wet periods. This fertilizer is mainly used in arable farming and on grassland on crops that need a lot of sulphur (e.g. rapeseed and potatoes).


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Conscious farming brochure OCI

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