UAN extra attention

  • Apply on dry crops in dry weather
  • Do not use at high temperatures or in bright sunshine
  • Do not use at temperatures below 0° Celsius
  • It is better to spray in the evening, preferably before rain or watering
  • Do not apply for 2 days after rain
  • Spray at low pressure with large droplets or use a hose reel system
  • Pure UAN poses less risk of damage
  • When mixing, dilute well (max. 10%, using 500/600 l/ha). Start with water, then stir in UAN
  • There is an increased risk of burn marks if used on fast-growing crops with a thin layer of growth
  • There is a risk of damage if more than 10-15 kg N per hectare is used (mainly as a result of UAN accumulating at the tips of leaves)
  • Increased risk of damage if used in combination with products that contain surfactants.
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