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UAN (30N)

UAN is a liquid fertilizer consisting of a blend of ammonium nitrate and urea. The UAN manufactured by OCI Agro contains three different forms of nitrogen: ureic nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen. Plants can absorb nitrate directly, whereas urea and most of the ammonium first have to be converted to nitrate by reactions in the soil. The speed of this conversion depends on the soil temperature and the available moisture. Because of the risk of ammonia losses during this conversion, the application of UAN requires extra attention. UAN can be applied using an agricultural spray system or a spike-wheel injector for the cultivation of the most common agricultural crops (e.g. maize and potatoes).


Advantages of OCI Agro UAN

  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Can be efficiently and accurately dosed over the land
  • 30% nitrogen in three different forms (ureic nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen)

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