Yield maximization
A better quality granule for higher crop yields
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With fertilizers, high yields and sustainability go hand in hand       
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The growing world population requires a 50% increase in the amount of food


​A better quality granule for higher crop yields


.... because I make sure my soil is in top condition so we can bring in top yields.



Wiebe Goodijk

Crop and Livestock
Farmer from Sexbierum

Reliable fertilizers consisting of high-quality granules and with superior spreading properties are good for the environment and for crops because plants can absorb all of the nutrients they provide. That’s why fertilizers of this kind lower nitrogen losses and increase crop yields. In the end, a better-quality granule contributes to higher crop yields.
Crop quality and crop yield depend heavily on how a fertilizer is distributed. Any small deviation can result in yield losses. For environmental reasons, it is crucial to spread fertilizers with the greatest accuracy. Farmers can do that by maximizing their spreading efficiency. OCI Agro fertilizers meet the highest physical quality standards: the granules are perfectly round and robust, making them very easy to spread in an even pattern. Farmers who use our fertilizers can count on excellent results.

Most of OCI Agro’s quality fertilizers are produced in granule form. Depending on the type of fertilizer, they contain magnesium, sulphur or calcium in addition to nitrogen.

As one of Europe's leading, innovative suppliers of mineral nitrogen fertilizers, OCI Agro is constantly investing in research and technology. We believe that is the only way to go forward. For example, this year we launched our new product Exacote, a coated fertilizer that ensures the controlled release of nutrients to crops throughout the growing season. Exacote offers fast, reliable support for crop growth.

Everyone needs to fertilize. But some farmers harvest differently than others. They choose high-quality fertilizers that offer increased nitrogen efficiency without harming the environment. This way, profits and sustainability go hand in hand. These farmers harvest better.

Optimal fertilization, higher yield

Mineral fertilizers deliver the best results in many different respects. Not only do they guarantee the lowest possible environmental impact, but they also produce the highest yield per hectare: on average, every euro invested in mineral fertilizers produces five euros in end products.


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