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Yield maximization

A better quality granule for higher crop yields


   Environmentally friendly
With fertilizers, high yields and sustainability go hand in hand
The right fertilization method for optimal results

Worldwide food security
The growing world population requires a 50% increase in the amount of food



OCI Agro: supplier of high-quality nitrogen fertilizers 
Mineral fertilizers play an important role in solving the global food security problem. OCI Agro believes it has a duty to contribute to that solution. That’s why, as one of Europe's leading suppliers of fertilizer, we invest continuously in research and technology. We are working on the future because for us, there is no better basis for growth than to innovate using the best technology available today so that we can feed the world of tomorrow.
Every day, we dedicate ourselves to producing an end product that meets the highest standards of quality while offering our customers an excellent level of service. We are passionate about our mission: Care for Growth.



OCI Agro fertilizers are high-quality, high-performance products


In addition to nitrogen, our products also contain magnesium, sulphur and/or calcium, depending on the type. There are no inhibitors used in the OCI manufactured or traded products. They have a homogeneous grain structure and do not contain dust or clumps. This means that they have good storage properties and are free-flowing in the spreader and silo. Our fertilizers have a rapid and predictable effect, thereby guaranteeing good results.​​


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OCI Agro develops applications (apps) that run on smartphones and tablet devices specifically for farmers. Our apps are available for the development platforms iOS and Android
​​​ ​
icon_OCI_agro.png ​OCI NUTR​I-N APP
For an optimal nitrogen application
icon_OCI_agro_wetter.pngAGRO WEATHER APP
Weather app to optimize your agro activity planning
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