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Melamine for Intumescent Coatings


Low micron, high performance

Melafine® is the finest melamine available. In the intumescent coating market it is recognized as a benchmark for its high quality and narrow particle size distribution.
Its particle size - less than 40 microns - is tightly controlled to ensure a consistent and high performance of halogen-free intumescent coatings.

​Benefits of Melafine in intumescent coatings

Because of its unique particle size, Melafine® is ideally suited for the production of consistent and high performance intumescent coatings. When exposed to heat or fire, these coatings will expand to form an insulating foam-like char barrier.
During the intumescent process, Melafine® acts as a blowing-agent, releasing gases which enhance consistent formation and expansion of a rigid carbon matrix that protects the substrate from further heat and damage.


Find the latest version of Melafine® product specifications, technical information and safety data on Documentation.

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