Our customers in the wood-based industries consider sustainability an important part of their daily business. They take pride in securing a sustainable framework for the wood-value. Melamine – being a vital ingredient for these industries - plays a key role in the ongoing process of sustainable development by helping to conserve hardwood and natural forests. 

Melamine-based wood products enable the effective use of wood waste and fast-growing softwood. Softer types of wood can be enhanced with properties comparable to hardwood. This helps us reduce our dependence on tropical forests and temperate tree species, such as beech and oak.

Melamine-based wood products:

  1. Contribute to the optimum use of the world’s wood resources, right down to the smallest twigs
  2. Help minimize the use of hardwood by providing durable softwood alternatives
  3. Promote the plantation of fast-growing softwood trees, whose substantial CO2 uptake results in cleaner air
  4. Offer substantial storage capacity for CO2 through durable wood-based products.


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