Melamine is an important raw material in wood adhesives, laminates, coatings and halogen free fire retardants. It makes countless everyday products more durable, from desks, chairs, kitchens and laminate floors to cars and banknotes.  


OCI Nitrogen offers a complete range of melamine products suitable for all these applications and many more. 



MelaminebyOCITM is recognized as a benchmark for consistent, high quality around the globe. It is a vital raw material for melamine resins used in wood-based panels, laminates, coatings and molding compounds.



Melafine® is the finest melamine that is commercially available. It is ideally suited for the production of consistent and high performance halogen-free intumescent coatings.


OCI Nitrogen is the world's

leading producer of melamine

with 50 years of experience

 in the business.


More About Melamine

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